This is When Grace Speaks Part I & II – Do you know the language of Mr. Grace? Do you know when and how he speaks? In this mind blowing messages, all these are explained. – Do you know the language of Mr. Grace? Do you know when and how he speaks? In this mind blowing messages, all these are explained. You may wish to know which country or town Grace is from. You have to read on.

This is another topic from the What Saith Scripture ( Sunday School) manual of Christ The Answer Ministry Nigeria. It’s a spiritually enriched exposé of the word of God for you at this time. When Grace speaks, your innocency is established before God and it does not matter what man says again.

The Topic Focus:

In this post emphasis are place on the dividends of Grace in the life a person or persons. This is because when grace speaks, protocols are broken or suspended. Our focus here is to make you allow grace speak for you. Do you know that grace opens the door for every available opportunity. Therefore, the place of grace in fulfilling life’s purpose cannot be ruled out. So, please, read on and make reasonings while you read.

Part One:

This is the first part of the post. It draws it’s illustrative quotations from the New Testament.

Memory Verse:

For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ’’ John 1:17

Bible Text: John 8: 1-11

The Message on This is When Grace Speaks Part I & IIT

In the pin drop silence of the whole heavens, where no one was able to take the book and open’’ Rev. 5:-6-10, then arose the Lion of the tribe of Judah who prevailed, who took the book and opened it.

He it was that brought love, grace and truth from ”He who sitteth on the throne, Rev. 5:6-10 to wretched mankind. Therefore we sing now and celebrate.

The Comparison:

When Moses brought law (an eye for an eye) Jesus brought grace, favor and mercy. John 1: 14. And that’s why He is our advocate and intercessor before the throne ready to shade His grace. Heb 14:16. And we can’t wait to run to Him in the time of need.
From, our text, a woman was qualified to die! Deut. 22: 22, Lev. 20:10, according to the Law of Moses. John, 8:4-5. And the law must take its course!
But GRACE arose and spoke in favor of the woman John 8:7. When you find yourself in a very tight corner, may grace speak for you? When your enemy thinks he has prevailed over you, may grace speak for you? And, when the devil decrees that you are finished in business, in your spiritual life or marital life, may grace speak and raise and lift you up.

Grace Qualifies You for this is When Grace Speaks Part I & II

The Lord will choose you as qualified for mercy. Romans 9:15-16. In fact, that is why when Grace speaks, I need no other argument, no other plea’’ that He died for me!
The murderous Jews were confused when Grace spoke for the women. John 8:6-9. So will those who want to destroy you be ashamed and confused. Isaiah 49: 25.
When Grace speaks, the stones of murderers begin to fall from their hands
When Grace speaks, the secret thoughts and actions of wickedness are revealed and God’s deliverance comes down.
In fact, when Grace speaks, evil planned in secret places are thwarted, so planners shamefully walk away. John 8:9.
When Grace speaks, newness of life begins and change of character manifests. And, then you become a blessing to humanity. John 8:10-11.
May grace speak for you in time of trouble and great need. Prov. 11:8, Isaiah 33.2.
Because when grace speaks, laws becomes irrelevant, protocols are boycotted. In fact, connections become useless, and powers become silent.
When Grace speaks, condemnations are reversed and hopelessness is deleted. Then, Lives are lifted and joy is ever abounding.
May His grace speak for you Amen.


  1. Why did Jesus choose to take the book, open it and bear the consequences?
  2. Was the woman taken in adultery qualified to die? Why?
  3. Has grace ever spoken for you before?


This part also draws it’s references from the New testament. That is illustrating the Calvary episode of Grace.

Memory Verse: And Jesus said unto her, Neither do I condemn thee: go and sin no more’ John 8:11

Bible Text: Luke 15: 11-24

Lavishness in Man:

How can you forgive and accept back someone who lavishly squandered half of your hard-earned wealth and riches?
How can you accommodate a boy who spent all given to him in riotous living and with harlots?

But Micah captured the grace and mercy that God can extend without reservation. Micah 7:18-19.

But he wasted all he was given

There was a young man who exerted his authority and got half of his father’s wealth. Lk 15:12. His peers and friends must have influenced him and engineered him into making such request. Such request is not bad in itself if he had used the portion that he got wisely.
But he wasted all he was given Lk. 15:13-14. He would have died of hungry so, he committed on abomination in Israel. He touched and ate with pigs. Deut.14:8, Lev.11:7.
His sins became so many that any father could take him as a lost and died child. What type of sin have you found yourself committing? As abominable as wasting all the heavenly father deposited in you and even dinning with the swine of this life? Have you gotten to the level that you feel that you are no longer qualified to be a child of God? You feel you cannot look up into the face of the lord again? Lk 15:18-20.

his is When Grace Speaks Part I & II

Compassion is the greatest:

When he went back to the father, everything changed. Compassion took over and his sonship was restored.
He became a proud owner of a best robe, good shoes and a party was hurried put in place in his honour.
But the question this morning is, will you go back to the father? So you can cause grace to speak for you and favours to flow? Finally instead of being a castaway, toiling is a swine farm, he received a double portion.
Grace will speak for you when you return. Grace and mercy are twins in goodness. Then, grace drags mercy and favour along.
When grace speaks, mercy and favour operate. It removes all condemnation and even the rightful captives are delivered and set free. Isaiah 49:24-25.

But he wasted all he was given

But he wasted all he was given . Mercy confers what should be rightful denied.
May the grace and mercy from Jesus be your portion. But as you received mercy, also show mercy because of Galatians 6:7, Lk. 6:36.
Just as the publican received mercy and not condemnation.
Not like this servant who the master called wicked .Mathew 18:24-35. May God give you better interpretation?

  1. Why was the wicked servant in Mathew Chapter 18 Punished?
  2. Was it a wise decision the prodigal son took when he decided to go back to the father?
  3. When last did you show mercy


Can you now take up these prayer points to drive home the messages.

1 . Satanic alliance to stop our total recovery, scatter by fire , in Jesus name .(Isaiah 54:15)
2.O Lord ,let the wicked be shaken out of my heaven and be uprooted out of my earth this year by fire and brimstone, in Jesus name.(psalms 11:6)
3 .I dismantle any power that is chanting incantations to capture this year, catch unquenchable fire, in Jesus name.(Numbers23:23)
4.Forces of darkness sponsored to deter the manifestation of our recovery, catch fire in Jesus ,name (psalm68:2)
5.Satanic media established to network negative intent against Christ answer ministry/ our church be scattered by thunder. (Jeremiah 10:13)
6.I pull down every negative power and satanic energy in the planetary bodies ,in the air and on land operating against our church/ministry/family/Christ the Answer ministry this year.(matt.15:13)
7.Heavenly host , fight and torment to total destruction witchcraft activities targeted at me this year .(2kings19:35).

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Other references:

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Summing Up on this is When Grace Speaks Part I & II

This topic; This is When Grace Speaks Part I & II, is very rich with spiritual devotional moments. It’s designed to help build your spiritual atmosphere this year. The bible references re so important. In this connection, we advise you read this post with your Bibles on hand.

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