Family Gospel: The Family is Essential to God’s Plan – This is through, that’s why this site is floating this segment of the website to address the family gospel challenges. In fact, the Family is Essential to God’s Plan. And, no success in life compensates for failure in the home – says David O. McKay

As a matter of fact, it’s not an exaggeration to say that a person will have more advantage in life if he comes from a loving and supportive home. Many people are successful despite coming from family situations that are not ideal, but having our basic needs met, knowing that our parents love us and learning the lessons of living at home make the challenges of daily living much easier to face. As an adult, you probably want a happy home for your family.

This is not a coincidence. God organized us into families so that we could grow up with joy and security and so that we could learn to love others in an altruistic way – the key to true joy. The family is the best place for us to learn to love one another in the way that Heavenly Father loves each of us.

The Church Helps the Family:

God’s Church exists to help families obtain eternal blessings. We believe that the greatest blessing that He gives us is the ability to return to live with Him in heaven together with our family. And, we follow the will of our Heavenly Father, as this is how we will gain this blessing.

In fact, We Are All Part of God’s Family in Family Gospel: The Family is Essential to God’s Plan

When we call a member of the Church “Irmão” Silva or “Irmã” Gomes, this is what we really mean. We believe that each of us – including those who are not members of our Church – is a literal son or daughter of our Heavenly Father (Hebrews 12: 9) and, therefore, our heavenly brothers. Our Heavenly Father loved and taught us as part of an eternal family before we came to earth. So, we share a bond that transcends that life. Think about it: if you really thought of your neighbor or co-worker as your brother or sister, would you treat them differently? In the same vein, knowing that your family on Earth has eternal importance can help you to treat them better as well.

Family Gospel: The Family is Essential to God's Plan

Families come first:

Perhaps we were fortunate to have been raised by a happy and safe family, with parents who love us. Maybe not; and growing up was difficult without the love and support we needed so badly. As an adult, you probably want a happy home for your family. Living in peace in the family is not always easy, but in God’s restored Church, marriage and the family are considered the most important social unit now and in eternity.

In fact, people who have been through a disaster never say, “During the earthquake I could only think of my bank account.” They almost always say, “I could only think of my wife and children.” There is no need for disaster to happen for us to know this truth. But we often let the pursuit of money, pleasure, or even the needs of people outside our family, distract us. In the Church of Jesus Christ of today, the family comes first.

The Keys to Having a Happy Family on Earth

Happiness in our family is likely to be best achieved if it is based on Jesus’ teachings. This means being selfless, honest, loyal, kind and having many other virtues, not to mention constant effort. An affectionate and happy family does not happen by chance.
Think of your own family. There were happy times and others were not. What were the happiest moments? They were probably the ones where we feel loved. When our father cried because we were sick. When we saw our parents smile or laugh and we could see how much they loved each other. Then, when my sister was thrilled when I scored a goal, or vice versa. And, when I broke the window and my parents forgave me instead of yelling at me. When the car slid on the road during a storm and the family had to walk several kilometers to call for help. We held hands and sang to make time go faster. Our family got together to get someone stuck in the mud. My family cheered for me at the school show even though I just set up and disassembled the set. Perhaps our family would pray, sing or attend church together. We can recreate these happy times today with our own family, in our marriage. If our family did not have many happy moments when we were young, then we will act differently now.

Share the blessing in Family Gospel: The Family is Essential to God’s Plan

Yes, it’s a duty on you now to share the blessing. Did see what a family is to you? Why not let other have this knowledge. If you do, you will be helping resole conflict in families that are facing one challenge or the other now. Read more here
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