This is Prophetic Focus for December 2021 – I know you were blessed with the Prophetic Focuses for all other months of 2021. But here again is the prophetic focus for December 2021. This one again is special. It’s simply ‘PRAISE’. – PRAISE – Psa. 92:1-2/8-15. As you are aware, the prophetic focuses published on this website is to enable you work on yourselves. In fact, they are to enable you harness the entire benefit God revealed to us through His word all-through the period using the prophetic focuses as benchmark for your daily prayers, messages and other religious exercises. In fact, as many organizations declare the month of December as month for testimonies and thanksgiving, it’s therefore a month of Praise. As a matter of fact, if the birth of Christ means anything to you, this is the time to appropriate God with testimonies, praise and thanksgivings.

How Dose It Works?

As a matter of fact, because this is a spiritual exercise, you are to use this focus to work on yourself. In fact, Ministers are expected to adapt their messages to this focus to enable members praise God this time around. That will enable members have the benefits that follow praises, testimonies and thanksgivings. And for us all, this is suppose to impact on our daily prayers, bible readings and messages.
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The Theme:

Prophetic Resource: PRAISE – Psa. 92:1-2/8-15
From: General Overseer, Christ the Answer ministry Inc.
To: All Zones, Branches and Public
Subject: Prophetic Focus for DECEMBER 2021.
Date: 01/12/

Greetings: Prophetic Focus for December 2021

Total Recovery greetings to you all in Jesus’ name.

There is no doubt that everyone of us enjoyed the supernatural open doors which November 2021 prophetic focus brought to us. Our prayer is that the effect shall continue to bring forth testimonies, praises and thanksgiving for this month of praise and thanksgiving.

We believe God ushered us into a new realm of revelation in this month on the wonders embedded in the Word. Therefore, may we all receive grace to walk in the light of the revelation that the Holy Ghost has unveiled to us by this month’s prophetic focus. Amen.

What then is the Holy Ghost saying to us on the Month of December 2021 prophetic focus?

It’s generally believed that thanksgiving and praise is one of the most neglected weapons of war. And, yet as a spiritual weapon, it’s very effective.

Praise among others:

The followings define what praise does for us as Christians. You are advise to browse to read accordingly.

The revelation we celebrate:

In fact, see how this is manifested here – Psa. 56:4/10. This is because God’s word is the incorruptible seed. That is why it’s indestructible seed – Luk. 8:11/15/ Psa. 67:5-7. As a matter of fact, when we receive the Word in our hearts, the seed is sown. And, yet it must be watered to grow and bring forth fruits – Pro. 13:2/ Pro. 12:14/ Heb. 13:15. In like manner, we emphasis that every prophetic word requires praise for full delivery – 2 Chr. 20:14-24/ Isa. 38:1-5/19-20. Therefore, the more praiseful we are, the more fruitful we become – Psa. 67:5-7/ Phi. 4:4/ 1 Thes. 5:16. Finally, Praise is therefore a vital weapon. It’s one to engage for continuous breakthrough in all areas of your life. That is why we preach that fearful praise will always trigger the fearful acts of God – Exo. 15:11

Therefore, the prophetic focus for the month of PRAISE 2021 is: PRAISE – Psa. 92:1-2/8-15.

Remain ever blessed! Jesus is Lord!

Rev. Dr. Oliver Ihenyirimba.

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Summing Up on Prophetic Focus for December 2021

This is Prophetic Focus for December 2021. It actually summarizes all the prophetic focus of 2021. The last month of the year is globally celebrated as a month of praise to God. It’s also a month of testimonies and thanksgiving.

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