7 Top Factors that make a Happy Marriage – We bring this message across to you today because we have found out that Love is failing many marriages. In fact, the 21st century couples belief so much on courtship and love. But this two factors are failing them fast-fast. These two factors were not there when some of us married so many years ago. What we experienced then was that what I call ‘the spirit of husband/wife takes over once you see your husband or wife. And, this is why it’s number one in the items I listed below.

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The Marriage & 7 Top Factors that make a Happy Marriage

I hope you know that marriage isn’t easy? Yes; that’s probably why divorce rate is so high recently. And this is because merging two lives together sometimes doesn’t end well. Ironically, this is true even in situations where two people seem like they’re meant to be. Notwithstanding, you can make your marriage work. This is because it takes more than living together to make it work.

As a matter of fact, we have here 7 top factors that contribute to a happy marriage.

Husband/Wife Spirit:

In the first paragraph, I mentioned that there is what is called “husband/Wife” spirit. This is the spirit of understanding what husband is and what wife is. This mindset goes along way keeping marriages and making couple happy. When I grew up, this was the situation then in the 1960s. However, in this century this mindset is not there again. What is there now are some fallible factors called ‘love, courtship, beauty, handsomeness, academic, family background etc. The real truth here is that these factors fail from time to time. And, when they fail you no longer see nor belief what you saw or knew before and marriages crash.

So our first factor here is a husband/wife mindset. What I call husband/wife spirit. This does not fail. It kept our fathers marriages and has continued to keep marriages up till today.

Trustworthy Communication

This is not ordinary communication. I call it trustworthy communication. It is the type that works in marriages and families. In this case, both partners need to speak to one another honestly about problems in addition to just sharing the good times. In this type of condition, every one speaks the truth about something that is going wrong. This is to avoid hiding hurt feelings and unresolved issues that never get addressed. Because of trust in this relationship no one person judges, or jump into conclusions or be in control. Therefore, it’s important to speak about problems and actually resolve them. That is better than making them worse by yelling and accusation. So, please, keep in mind that conflict is inevitable. However, what matters is how you address it.

Spend Quality Time Together

Quality time shouldn’t only be in the bedroom. In fact, the two of you should find activities to do together. You can decide to explore a new location or even just go out to eat once in a while. Many people don’t know that a change of pace can do wonders in a relationship. Otherwise, , you will find out that you two can drift apart or get comfortable not doing anything and things become dull. In addition, make sure you don’t go to the same place every date time. Therefore, feel free to take a spur-of-the-moment romantic getaway. Again, keeping things fresh and exciting is important to avoiding getting into a rut.

7 Top Factors that make a Happy Marriage

Spend Time Apart:

This looks contra to the above paragraph factor. No. In fact, some times you both need time spent away from one another. This is because, you need time to miss each other. In this connection, you need separate hobbies and friends. These will give you both something to talk about. Come, is there anything wrong with wives having a girls’ night out or husbands watching the big game together? In fact, this is healthy because it enables you to be away from one another and have individual likes and dislikes.

Have an Open Mind:

This is another key to success in a marriage; having an open mind towards one another. In fact, not being willing to compromise does nothing positive for a relationship. I hope you know this. That is why a marriage won’t work out if the same person is always the one giving in. You may wish to take turns compromising, so one person isn’t left resenting the other.


Do you have defined roles in your marriage? In fact, this is important. This is because in a healthy marriage both parties agree on the roles of one another. You can decide which one does what, e.g. a decision for a woman to be a stay-at-home mother and have her husband go to work. There must be agreement on this for any of you to feel that this is the best for the household. The same applies for who does which chores.

Understanding & to Forgive yourselves:

Do you know that in successful marriages, things aren’t perfect? This is because, neither of the two people are perfect. Therefore, what make perfection in marriage is forgiveness and understanding. I tell you that in this type of relationships, both people get to a point where they’re very comfortable exposing their weaknesses by themselves.

7 Top Factors that make a Happy Marriage

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7 Top Factors that make a Happy Marriage

Summing up on 7 Top Factors that make a Happy Marriage

This articles tells you that successful marriages aren’t perfect, nor are they easy. We have emphasized that they require hard work and dedication. In fact, we maintain that they require more than just love between one another for marriage to work.

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