What are the 21st Century Marriage Success Factors? – These are the factors that make a successful marriage in the 2st century. Do you want your marriage to succeed? Are there commitment, trust, love and other relational challenges to resolve? Here are they.
As a matter of fact, sometimes individuals and couples can feel dissatisfied, unhappy and unfulfilled in their marriages. In such relationships one may be unsure as to what exactly is wrong. So, here are the reasons why you will succeed or fail.

The Factors/Reasons:

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As a matter of fact, there are many factors that contribute to a satisfying or unsatisfying marriage/relationship such as;


It is said that Love Promotes Emotional and Mental Wellbeing. In fact, studies have shown that a healthy and supportive relationship — be it romantic, familial, friendship, or otherwise — can be linked to higher self-esteem, increased sense of self-worth, and improved self-confidence. These are the things love promote. So, love, no matter what form it comes in, helps people incorporate safer behaviors into their everyday lives. It helps people to reduce anxiety (worry, nervousness), and lowers the chance of developing depression or another form of mental illness. That is why it is also said that Love changes your brain chemistry temporarily.
In summary, love connects people and keep them close regardless of long distances. It also can bridge hearts and make them want to live together. In fact, love can beat pain, sadness, revenge, envy, challenges, anger, and sufferings. In the end, one thing is certain. And that iis that no one can live a happy life without love.


Commitment in relationships is necessary for each partner to have a sense of security. That’s commitment promotes feeling secured in a relationship. In fact, it fosters love, faith, and loyalty. It also gives courage to both partners to dream and plan things together for the foreseeable future. As you can see, commitment doesn’t mean killing your freedom or losing your individuality. In fact, it promotes it.

Therefore, the decision to commit and work through short-term periods of boredom or distress will allow people to potentially reap the benefits of a loving, long-term relationship. So, commitment promotes relationship longevity by motivating people to see, think, and act in ways that help sustain it.

Trust for What are the 21st Century Marriage Success Factors?

Trust signifies how you trust yourself, your own judgments and others. In fact, trust is the foundation for every relationship. Without trust, relationships will be shaky and may eventually fail. That is why lack of trust is the main reason relationships fall apart.

Therefore, we advocate that establishing trust creates a strong bond. In fact, it provides a good foundation to build on. That is why knowing you can trust your partner promotes increased closeness and safety. When you trust your partner, you feel safe knowing that your partner has your back and can be relied upon for comfort, care, and support.


Time management affects relationships. So, just taking a little time to reestablish your romantic connection will strengthen your relationship. It is believed that such timing makes a deposit into ones relationship’s emotional bank account. That is how it works, so that when you need to make a withdrawal in the future your relationship can withstand it. So, spending time with a romantic partner by going on dates is important for promoting closeness in established relationships.


What is attention in a relationship? Let’s try to define it. In fact, it is said to mean noticing your partner and taking an interest in his/her life. There are different types of attention in a relationship that you can leverage. That is to make sure your partner sees that you’re taking an active interest in his/her life. Listening, communicating, planning together etc are some of the ways.

Paying attention to each other, therefore, allows the relationship to grow. In fact, it improves intimacy and keeps the ‘distance’ which often develops in long-term relationships at bay.”

Good Communication:

This type of communication must include Listening. In fact, in relationships, communication allows you to explain to your partner what you are experiencing and what your needs are. It not only helps to meet your needs, but it also helps you to be connected in your relationship.
In fact, real communication in relationships means that you can go to your partner about anything. You can share happiness and sadness, good days and bad. As a matter of fact, this singular act promotes trust, better conflict resolution and increased intimacy


Partners are those who stay together despite obstacles in their relationship. They are those who love each other and understand that they need to make some effort for thiei relationship. It’s a situation where both partners have equal rights and benefits in the partenrship love relationship.

Therefore, if you wish to achieve a good partnership relationship in your love relations you must be able to shared values and goals. What we mean is that love will make you Care about your partner and wish your partner best. In this regard too, you must show friendship and kindness. You must know how to trust and believe in your partner. Again, you must be able at all time to support each other and spend quality time together.

Tolerance for What are the 21st Century Marriage Success Factors?

The next question is, how can tolerance help relationship? Or how does tolerance help marriages? We have come to know that
tolerance helps to ease the pressure caused by problems. This is because tolerance is a key to understanding, and understanding is the force that holds marriages together for long time.
What then are the benefits of tolerance? Studies show that to accept one another’s differences can have positive effect on one’s well being. In fact, being tolerant removes self-imposed barriers and allows you to think more broadly. And this allows you to enjoy greater inner peace. This is because tolerance leads to less stress and greater happiness in the home. In fact, tolerant helps famiies endure the pain of the past and resolve differences. it promotes relating to one another in a respectful and understanding way. So, in these regards, tolerance prevents conflict.


Patience breeds calm. It is a communicative approach that encourages others to help you rather than shut you down. Patience is the opposite of aggression. So, why is patience important in a marriage?

In fact, experience shows that patience is an important skill to have in your marriage toolbox. This is because it’s so crucial for the success of your marriage. Therefore, note that lack of patience in a marriage can be very destructive and can easily lead to saying or doing regretful things.

Honesty and Openness:

Do you know that honesty and openness help build compatibility in marriages. That is why when you and your spouse openly reveal the facts of your past, your present activities, and your plans for the future, you are able to make intelligent decisions. And, such decisions are those that take each other’s feelings into account.

Furthermore, do you care to find out about, honesty and openness in the family? Openness in a relationship, personality and marital satisfaction? And, how openness as a factor influences marital satisfaction. Take up this home work for your relationship.


Mutual respect in a marriage is important because it is a sign of trust, support, and the knowledge that both of you love and appreciate the other for who they are. Every successful marriage is based on the foundation of mutual respect for one another.
How do we promote respect for our marriages and families? There are ways to Show Respect in Marriage

  • Accept that you partner is a less than a perfect partner.
  • Keep a positive perspective by always praising your partner for doing something right
  • Build up respect in your kids, extended family, and friendship network.
  • Speak thoughtfully with care to your partner.
  • There is this advice to do small things often. These little things can build a positive or negative sentiment override.
  • Understand the 4 T’s. Tone, Topic, Timing, and Task when you communicate.
What are the 21st Century Marriage Success Factors?

Furthermore, are;

  • Clarify your running rule; that is, clarify your family values.
  • Can you also give as well as take? So, give to get. The spirit of give and take is very important for marriages.
  • Define your boundaries. This can help you maintain respect in your marriage
  • Have time for regular Generative Conversations to clear out misunderstandings
  • Be grateful for your partner.
  • Keep working on respect. Remember that respect is like a muscle; the more you keep working it, the more it becomes stronger every time you manifest it.

Sharing for What are the 21st Century Marriage Success Factors?

Sharing is a sense of an explicit and implicit commitment to the relationship. It is believing that your partner is there to support and understand your life dreams and goals. So it means the sharing by husband and wife of each of the. traditionally segregated family roles, including the breadwinner roles


This is the Power of Generosity in Marriage. In fact, Generosity brings couples together. And, generosity facilitates emotional stability; an important factor in any marriage. So, couples that are generous to each other feel loved, validated, understood, and cared for, leading to great satisfaction and stability in marriage.

As a matter of fact, our research shows that generosity between spouses is a key element to a happy marriage. In essence, generosity is the amount of giving that goes on within a relationship. And this can mean anything from making your spouse a cup of coffee, to ordering flowers or providing a backrub for him/her.

Willingness/Ability to Compromise,

Compromise Is Key in Marriage. Marriage is all about communication. Marriage is all about compromise. These two axioms are almost clichés at this point.

As a matter of fact, compromise is the settlement of differences by mutual concession. Compromise doesn’t mean that you have completely agree with your partner or vice versa. But, it’s healthy to maintain your personal values, beliefs, opinions, and preferences while still meeting halfway.

Constructive management of Disagreements/Arguments:

How does management of disagreement help marriage and family? What is conflict management in marriage? This is the emotional resolve that enables the relationship to move forward, feel close and be secure.

For example, if a conflict erupts over the failure of one partner to pay the bills on time, the surface resolve may be to never let this happen again. So, if you are the type that would want to ”kneel your partner down” because of a disagreement, you will never have peace in the relationship. Because what goes round come round. And one day it will be your turn to kneel down for an error.

What are the 21st Century Marriage Success Factors?

Willingness to see another’s viewpoint:

And now, how does seeing another’s viewpoint help marriage and family? This is very important in marriages. The reasons is that the more your partner sees you making efforts to understand things from his/her perspective, the more you are your partner or date will want to do the same for you. So, by following ways to keep your relationship in the positive perspective, you can create a loving and dynamic relationship. In this regards, allowing ourselves to fearlessly take a step back and see things from our partner’s perspective will energize our relationship and make us feel closer to one another.

Furthermore, some times instead of explaining it, let’s do something different. Go back to that last argument with your spouse for a moment. Take a moment to try to see his/her point of view in that argument. And for fun, try to answer these questions. What was your spouse trying to tell you? How could any of it be true from his/her point of view? What are your answers?

Ability and Willingness to Forgive/Apologize:

Forgiveness in married life allows many things. In fact, it allows you to step out of the role of a victim. It also allows you to show that you are capable of acknowledging your hurt and move on from it. Forgiveness in marriage is a skill that helps couples to process negative emotions. And, that enables them to build a stronger bond.

Moreover, in marriage, forgiveness is a strength. This is because it shows you are capable of goodwill toward your partner. Studies indicate that forgiving someone is one way of letting go so that you can heal and move on with your life.

These are why forgiveness is important in marriage.


Make the Serious Choice to Have Fun in Your Marriage. So, you see, Fun is fun. Therefore, when fun is evident in a marriage, couples communicate more effectively. Do you want your spouse to talk or lough more? Then have more fun!
This shows how important fun in in a marriage. As a matter of fact, having fun together can help couples feel positive emotions. And this can increase relationship satisfaction, help couples to unite in order to overcome differences and give hope when working through difficult challenges

The Bottom line:

The bottom line is to increase the marriage peace and the success rate. As you can see going though the list above, the list is simple and obvious yet it can be very difficult for individuals /couples to restore their marriage/relationship to a satisfying one when difficulties arise or when they drift apart. Can you mark yourself above average or below average with all of these factors? Where do you need adjustment?

What are the 21st Century Marriage Success Factors?

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