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As a matter of fact, in many Evangelical Christian churches, the pulpit stands squarely in the centre of the platform.  And, in fact,  it’s generally the largest piece of church furniture. This is to symbolize the proclamation of the Word of God as the central focus of the weekly service of worship.

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Basically ‚the pulpit is a prominent platform where the speaker‚ in question‚ stands in front of the public‚ ​​having arisen mainly for religious celebrations‚ where it remains in use to this day. Basically all Christian churches ‚where the priest or priest performs the sermon or preaching to the audience that attends.

Because it is a religious item ‚and the widely figured meaning of the word‚ the term refers to someone who has the ” power of the voice of God “, referring to the oratory addressed to Christian believers.

However‚the word pulpit originates from Latin‚ where the term “pulpitum” can be translated as “stage” ‚” platform “or” platform “‚ since ‚in ancient Rome‚ before the spread of the Christian faith ‚the pulpit was where theatrical performances used to happen.

Even so ‚when the word pulpit is used‚ it is usually linked to religious themes and mainly Christian religions ‚and the same platform when used for other purposes‚ is often called by its synonyms‚ as a platform, rhetoric, tribune‚ eloquence and oratory.

THE PULPIT IN CHRISTIAN CHURCHES: Gospel Pulpit: See how life flows out of it

As already mentioned, ‚since the pulpit is the place for the propagation of the voice of God‚ it is common for him to have a prominent position among the other furniture‚ positioned in a central place‚ attributing to the present authority the sense of centrality.

Still, it is very common for people to confuse the pulpit with the ambo, as this second item was widely used by the church at the time of reading the Gospel Epistle.

Many churches use two amps‚ precisely to distinguish between the Epistle and the Gospel‚ where ‚the Epistle amusement used to be positioned on the south side of the tabernacle‚ while the Gospel amusement was to the north.

Gospelpulpit.com: Gospel Pulpit: See how life flows out of it

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