The 10 benefit reasons of singing hymns are here – What are the benefits of singing hymns?  In fact, the 10 reasons of singing hymns are here. As a matter of fact, Hymns are rooted in the words of God. So, when we sing we remind ourselves just who this God is that we serve.  In fact, whether corporately or individually, in times of chaos and uncertainty, hymns brings us back to God. 

Furthermore, to get at the benefits of singing hymns in this post we have to address issues like; what happens when we sing praises to god. This is how to get at the spiritual benefits of singing hymns.  And that addresses the importance of hymns in the congregational worship and for individuals families and homes.

The Post Focus:

The focus of this post is to give solutions to certain issues that bother Christian worshipers in relation  to hymn singing in the congregational worship and private places. So, in this post you get to know what the purpose of hymn is.  And, what we learn or benefit from hymns.  Just keep on reading.

Why Singing Hymns?

As has been hinted above already, in times of chaos and uncertainty, there is always need to return to hymns.  As a matter of fact, a  hymn is not just an “old song” that we re used to.  In fact, hymns promote corporate worship.  So, when we gather with other Believers, we sing hymns of praise to God and they remind us who this God is that we serve.

Do you also notice that hymns are firmly rooted in God’s Words?  In fact, as they are sung corporately  they  pull  believers above their petty differences by reminding them  of God’s dream for them – that  they should be one. John 17 (21). Therefore, our study and research reveal the following benefits we enjoy singing hymns corporately and privately.    

  1. These hymns make us keep us in touch with our Christian heritage. Therefore, when we  sing any of these songs we remember their origin. Some of them that re associated with early church history like “A Mighty Fortress” reminds us about the Reformation and the words  and works of Martin Luther.
  2. They re also some of the greatest music ever written. “How Great Thou Art” comes from a Swedish folk melody.  In fact, these hymns set before us music from the centuries. These types of music teaches a lot of musical art these days.
  3. As a matter of fact, they expose us to superb poetry. Going through them you see the most beautiful words ever penned down. These are great teachers.
  4. Do you also note that these hymns give our worship a sense of majesty and beauty?  That also account for why great cathedrals were and re still being built to convey a sense of the greatness and majesty of God.

The 10 benefit reasons of singing hymns are here

Further reasons are here. Just be reading.

  1. Furthermore, these hymns embed Christian truths in our minds and hearts.  In fact, even those who find it difficult to memorize bible verses get to do so by memorizing and singing the hymns.  So, the hymns do that committing for us.
  2. In addition, singing the hymns has become one of the most effective ways the church  uses to teach the Christian doctrine.  To tell the truth many of us grew this way. And, it’s a tradition that has continued.
  3. I tell you again, these hymns contribute a lot more to the depth of our Christian experience than bible teachings.
  4. Don’t forget too that these hymns help us to lift our hearts to God. The fact still remains that no thinking Christian could sing any of the hymns  without being moved toward the Lord.
  5. Do you also remember that these hymns exalt and magnify the Lord Jesus Christ? This is because most of the hymn-writers had an encounter with Christ that had to be shared. So, the hymns are one of the means of sharing personal testimonies and encounters with the Lord.
  6. In summary, these hymns do more than other resources in helping us to actually worship God. You can notice this whenever you read the poetry of the verses of the hymns. Always like you have worshiped as you read.

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Prayer Guide:

This prayer guide is inserted here to help your spiritual life this year. So, pray it along with us as the year goes by.

  1. O God ,establish beyond questioning your manifold program upon me this year.(Exodus 23:20)
  2. O year as you come forth ,come with the original plan of God for me and my family in Jesus name .(psalm 138:8)
  3. O Lord, as the Ethiopians wre overthrown and could not recover, let all that stand against my way this year be totally destroyed, in Jesus name. (2chron. 14:13)
  4. O God ,direct my destiny helpers with the prophecy that concerns me, in Jesus name .(2kings5:3)
  5. Alter responsible for any form of delay in my life, catch fire, in Jesus, name .(psalms68:12)
  6. Forces fighting the original manifestation of the children of God, die, in the name of Jesus.
    ( Deuteronomy 32:39)

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